Art By Tiger - Profile PicTiger’s artistic style can be vividly and concisely described as “Pop Grunge Graffiti Street Art.”

Tiger’s artistic journey began with oils on canvas in his youth, leading to a career in graphic design and eventually founding his branding agency. Drawing inspiration from pop culture, urban nature, music, comics, and film, Tiger’s style now embodies Pop Grunge Graffiti Street Art – a captivating blend of paint and collage that immerses viewers in rich, detail-laden scenes.

This unique mix of styles is rooted in the Grunge movement of the 1990s, which challenged traditional artistic norms and embraced raw, gritty aesthetics. By incorporating elements from Pop Art, Street Art and Graffiti, Tiger’s work reflects the vibrant energy and rebellious nature of urban culture.

Tiger’s use of bold colors and geometric shapes creates a dynamic visual experience that draws viewers in and encourages them to explore the layers of texture and meaning in each piece. His use of collage adds an element of playfulness and invites viewers to find hidden treasures within his art, leading to a feeling of discovery and connection with the work.

But what truly sets Tiger’s artwork apart is its ability to capture the essence of modern life with a contrasting feeling of nostalgia. From themes of consumerism and technology to social and environmental issues, his pieces reflect the complexities and nuances of our society. Through his art, Tiger encourages viewers to question their surroundings and consider the impact of their actions, ultimately promoting a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.

In addition to creating thought-provoking pieces, Tiger also uses his platform as an artist to give back to his community. He frequently collaborates with local organizations and charities, using his art to bring attention to important causes and raise funds for those in need.

As Tiger continues to evolve as an artist, his Pop Grunge Graffiti Street Art style remains at the core of his work. It serves as a reminder that art has the power to inspire, challenge, and unite us all. Whether through a vibrant mural on the streets or a captivating piece in a gallery, Tiger’s art will continue to leave a lasting impression and spark conversations for years to come.

Artistic Influences:

I think the artists I admire and draw inspiration from would be Bansky, Alec Monopoly, Mr. Brainwash, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, just to name a few.


Outside of painting, there are certainly other artists I draw inspiration from. The majority of my work has been inspired by music and movies. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Kevin Smith. Every time I question second guess my decisions to take a risk, I think about how he charged the production of Clerks on credit cards and I roll the dice. Quentin Tarantino has been a huge inspiration as well. His movies where such a great blend of classic nostalgic style with modern themes. The way that Seth MacFarlane references 80’s and 90’s pop culture has certainly played a part in the way I design.


I have such an appreciation of anyone with musical talent. Particularly since it’s an area where I have no talent at all. The Beatles will always be top of my list. I am also a huge fan of 90’s punk/emo/alternative. Nirvana changed everything. Blink 182, Weezer, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, Soul Asylum, you are the soundtrack to my life. I don’t know what my work would look like without you.

Thank you to every artist out there. Your talent, drive and dedication to your art have made a difference.